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Social activities & excursions for students in Spain

In addition to Spanish language courses we organize lots of activities & excursions for students

Social activities & excursions for students in Spain, High School Language Study Abroad, Top Schools and Programs in Malaga SpainOur programme of extracurricular activities & excursions for students is designed to help learners become familiar with the Spanish culture and make the most of their stay.

Combined with our Spanish courses, these activities are a great way of practicing Spanish in everyday situations and getting to know the city and the Spanish people. Alhambra gives you the opportunity to meet friends for life.

Alhambra Instituto includes a dynamic, interesting and fun leisure programme that is complementary to the process of learning the Spanish language. All activities are directed towards socializing in a learning environment and increasing the student’s knowledge of Spanish Culture. This way you will learn the language more effectively and also discover foreign customs and culture.

See below the 3 types of activity programmes. Click on the links to go to the description: