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Spanish courses entertaining activities in Malaga make lots of friends, do fun activities and learn Spanish

Activities organized normally by the school

Malaga discover the city: The first or second day of your Spanish course we will visit the old part of Malaga and its historical centre. Activities & excursions for students visiting the city of Malaga. This city is a wonderful place where you can learn Spanish and also explore Andalusia, a fascinating part of Spain, full of Moorish influences, famous for its relaxed, easy-going way of life and friendly locals. The climate is sunny throughout the year, with cooling sea breezes during the warm summer months. Visit the Central Market in Malaga: It is a great place to go if you…
Enjoy the experience of a unique visit to the Automobile Museum

Visits to local Monuments/Museums/Galleries

The Malaga Picasso Museum: 2 times per month we organize a visit to this museum. It is located in the city centre. 12 halls of permanent exhibition gallery. Christine and Bernard Picasso have placed 204 pieces of work from their private collections at the disposal of the Picasso Museum in Malaga. According to Carmen Gimenez, the museum director, these are pieces that cover “all the creative periods of the artist’s work”, and include creations from his youth to those which he signed at the end of his life. Archaeological Museum is located in the castle/ fortress “La Alcazaba”. It contains…
Cultural program in Sevilla

Excursions of half/or full day

Excursion to Granada: Only 120 km. away we will find Granada harmoniously integrating nature and architecture, the utter beauty of the lavishly exotic Islamic complex’s palaces, patios, and gardens will leave you wide-eyed in awe. Very fittingly declared a World Heritage Site, the Alhambra reflects the unrivalled brilliance and extravagance. From Iberian settlements to Roman Empire, Islamic Emirates, and Catholic Monarchies, all it takes is a look at Granada’s incredible architecture to realize that the city’s history is quite a tale to be told. Excursion to Córdoba: Only 180 km. away is the magical town of Cordoba capital of the…

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